Federico BELTRAN-MASSES (1885-1949) Portraits... - Lot 48 - Daguerre

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Federico BELTRAN-MASSES (1885-1949) Portraits... - Lot 48 - Daguerre
Federico BELTRAN-MASSES (1885-1949)
Portraits of Colonnel Jean Teissier de Marguerittes and his wife Suzanne née Duval
Two oil on canvas signed on the bottom left or right.
One annotated Generalbaron de Marguerittes called Colonel Lizé, Liberator of Paris in August 1944.
130 x 98 cm

Provenance : Villa Amicis in Tamaris

Jean Teissier, baron de Marguerittes was born in Constantine (Algeria) in 1882. He embraced a military career in 1905. After the First World War, he returned to service at the beginning of the 1939 war. In May 1940, the battle of Dunkirk forced him to go to England. On his return to France, he went underground and began to set up an armed resistance network in Auvergne, Dordogne and the south-west.
At the beginning of May 1944, Colonel de Marguerittes arrived in Paris under the pseudonym of Colonel Lizé. He then took command of the FFI of the Seine. From then on, at the age of 61, Colonel Lizé did everything possible to prepare the liberation insurrection and actively participated with his wife in the liberation of Paris. Widowed in 1953, he entered the seminary of Périgueux and was ordained a priest in 1956. It was as a country priest that Jean Teissier de Marguerittes died in 1958.
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