[Jansénisme]. 8 volumes

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[Jansénisme]. 8 volumes
[Jansenism]. [DU PIN (Louis-Ellies), NOUËT]. Mémoires et réflexions sur la Constitution Unigenitus de Clément XI et sur l'instruction pastorale des XL prélats acceptans [Memoirs and reflections on the Unigenitus Constitution of Clement XI and on the pastoral instruction of the XL prelates accepted] In Amsterdam, s.n., 1717. 192 p. - Bound in the following]: Réfutation d'un libelle qui a pour titre Cas de conscience, au sujet de la constitution Unigenitus S.l., s.n., 1717. 93 p. - And]: Memoir to serve for the examination of this maxim that the Pope having the provision, one must submit to his judgments at least by provision 1717. 63 p. Three works in one volume in-12, contemporary brown calf, spine with 5 nerves, garnet morocco title-piece (worn binding, boards epididium, upper jaw split, tail cap uncovered, angular wetness on the very first pages, ordinary browning). Attached : [DU PAC DE BELLEGARDE (Gabriel)]. Mémoires historiques sur l'affaire de la Bulle Unigenitus dans les Pays-Bas Autrichiens, principalement depuis son arrivée en 1713 jusqu'en 1730. 4 volumes in-12, contemporary spotted havana calf, spine with 5 nerves, garnet and havana morocco title and giblets, ornamented caissons, red edges (snagging of a head-cap, dull corners, epidermures). By G. Du Pac de Bellegarde, theologian and historian of the Jansenist church, born in the Aude in 1717, died in the Netherlands in 1789. Attached: THYARD DE BISSY (Henri-Pons de). Mémoire contre l'appel de la Bulle Unigenitus au futur conseil, fait en 1717 où l'on démontre que l'appel interjetté de la bulle Unigenitus au futur conseil est manifestement nul et insoûtenable. S.l., s.n., 1719. Two parts in one volume in-12, [6] f., 300-120 p., 19th c. half tan basane, smooth spine, title-piece, gilt fleurons and fillets (snagging of the tail-cap, slightly rubbed jaws, very moderate ordinary russ.) Bishop of Toul, then of Meaux, cardinal from 1715, Mgr. de Bissy (1657-1737) was a fervent opponent of Jansenism. Provenance: Bouhelier (old manuscript bookplate on title); 19th century seminary stamp on title; modern stamp on one endpaper. Enclosed : [LE GROS (Nicolas)]. Of the overthrow of the liberties of the Gallican Church. Dans l'affaire de la Constitution Unigenitus. S.l., s.n., 1716. 2 volumes in-12, [7] f., 552 p. + [1] f., 551 p., [3] f., contemporary brown calf, spine with 5 nerves, title and tomato pieces in garnet calf, boxes decorated with small irons, gilt roulette at the edges, red speckled edges (boards epid., bites and headpieces repaired, one title page damaged, worms' work in the margins of qq. ff., sporadic light halos). By Nicolas Le Gros (1675-1751), a Jansenist theologian and polemicist, who took refuge in Holland from 1726. 8 volumes.
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