D'après Annibal CARRACHE, gravé par CESIUS.

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D'après Annibal CARRACHE, gravé par CESIUS.
After Annibal CARRACHE, engraved by CESIUS. Gallery of the Farnese palace : Polyphene and Acis ; Abduction of Ganymede ; Aurora and Cephalus ; Perseus petrifies his enemies thanks to the severed head of Medusa ; Orpheus and Eurydice, Abduction of Europa ; Apollo and Marsyas, Boreas and Orithye ; Eros and Leander, Pan and Syrinx ; Hermaphrodite and Salmacis ; Omnia vincit Amor ; three Atlantes. Nine copper engravings on 18th century watermarked laid paper. (Freckles, folds, wetness, tears and tired edges). 44,5 x 60 cm
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