Set of 18 books of the XVIIIth, XIXth and... - Lot 15 - Daguerre

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Set of 18 books of the XVIIIth, XIXth and... - Lot 15 - Daguerre
Set of 18 books of the XVIIIth, XIXth and XXth century including various literary and religious works namely: - The comedies of Terence. Trad. Madame d'Acier. A Londres, par Vandenhoeck, Tomes 1, 2 & 3, 1732. In-12, calf with ornate spine. - TASSIONI (Alessandro). The bucket removed poem. In Paris, by Le Prieur, Tomes 1 & 2, 1759 and 1958. In-16, calf, spine decorated. - Jerusalem delivered - Poems. Volumes 1 and 2. In Paris by Bossange and Masson, 1817. In- 16, calf, spine decorated. - Histoire poétique tirée des poètes françois avec un dictionnaire poétique. In Paris, chez Savoye, 1786, fourth edition. In-16, calf, spine decorated. - OVID. The Metamorphoses by M. Fontanelle. In Lille, by J.B. Henry, 1772, Volume 1. In-8, calf, spine decorated. - Satires of Juvenal. Translated by. Dussaulx. In Paris, by M. Lambert & F. J. Baudouin, 1782, second edition. In-8, calf, spine with ornamented nerves. - RENNEVILLE (Mme de). Galerie des jeunes vierges or model of the virtues which ensure the happiness of women. In Paris, at Denugon, 1820. In-12, calf, spine decorated. - CICERON. The books of old age, of friendship, the paradoxes, the dream of Scipio. In Paris, chez Barron, 1760. In-12, calf, spine decorated. - La morale d'Epicure, tirée de ses propres récits. In Paris, by Desaint & Saillant, 1758. In-12, calf, with ornate nerves. - CARACCIOLI (Marquis). The conversation with oneself. New edition in Liege at Bassompierre and Vanden Berghen, 1768. In-12, calf, spine decorated. - BEAUMONT (Madame le Prince de). Letter of emerence to Lucie. In Lyon, chez Bassompierre, 1774. In-16, calf, spine decorated. - Cali Sallustii Crispi. Opera. In Paris, chez David, 1744. In-16, calf, spine decorated. - Rostand (Edmond). L'Aiglon and Cyrano de Bergerac. In Paris at Fasquelle, around 1900. In-12, half beige morocco.
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