• Sold 6800 EUR
    Broche pendentif Art nouveau en or jaune (750),
    ciselée d'une femme vêtue d'un léger drapé
    retenant un diamant taillé en poire au-dessus de sa tête,
  • Sold 15 000 EUR
    Importante broche en forme de fleur à cinq pétales
    ornée d'une perle fine de mandarin encadrée de cinq rubis,
  • Sold 13 500 EUR
    Rare pendentif "Belle Époque" en platine finement ajouré
    de deux volutes feuillagées, guirlandes,...
  • Sold : 80 000 EUR frais compris
    Collier composé de quarante-neuf perles fines
    et dix perles de culture en chute,...

Jewelry & Fashion


What surprises are hidden in the jewelry box of our ladies ? Often old and vintage jewelry sets or necklaces in fine pearls, that only us can distinguish from cultured pearls. 
So why do not benefit on the speculation around/about fine pearls (which is extremely intense with our Indian customers) or prestigious jewelers from the end of the XIXs to the beginning of the XXs ? 

Surprisingly, fashion jewelry is also valued. For example, a simple coral necklace has been sold by an American customer for 63.700€, or, this simple fine pearl necklace which has been sold for 150.000€ ?! Those two materials are living and precious : if you do not take care of them, they will be damaged and they will die. 

So do not forget to contact us before it is too late ! 

In the USA, diamonds are extremely popular, especially “fancy” diamonds. Wonderful pink and yellow diamonds see their prices soar ! … “Isn’t it crazy ?”



Vintage sales are always expected by our fashion lovers’ customers. Indeed, between this woman only wearing Hermès of the sixty’s or fashion museums from the whole world, our sales are always successful ! 

Thanks to our expert, Raphael Maravan, we are able to find the best fashion pieces, from the “robes à la Française” to the creations from Christian Dior or Yves Saint-Laurent, and so, to provide you the best service


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