• Sold 35 000 EUR frais compris
    Heures de la Vierge selon l'usage romain.
    Manuscrit de la deuxième moitié du XVe siècle en un volume in- 12
    (115 x 163 mm),
  • Sold avec frais 20 160 EUR
    BLAEU (Willem & Jan).
    Tooneel der heerschappyen van zyne koninglyke hoogheid den hartog van Savoye,
    prins van Piemont, koning van Cyprus.
  • Adjugé 80 000 EUR
    Benjamin FRANKLIN (1706-1790)
    L.A.S., Londres 16 novembre 1772, au physicien Jean-Baptiste Le Roy; 4 pages in-fol.; en anglais
    Magnifique lettre, écrite peu après l'élection de Franklin
    à l'Académie des sciences (16 août 1772),

Books and Manuscripts

Sometime, a simple book hidden under a rack can save a succession or even restore taste for reading. For example, a grammar book from the XVs, in velum, save his seller because it has been sold to 1.000.000 Francs. 

Book lovers have different requirements than the simple amateur. They do not have a look on the classic of the literature, they prefer indigent books, which because it was never open is in a perfect state of conservation/preservation. 

Bibliophily could have been the passion of your ancestor, so it is better to sell its collection in its integrality. Indeed, lots of non-scrupulous antiquarians or felon experts decide to separate the collection in some pieces, sadly retiring all the spirit of the collection.  

Concerning the autographs, we have sold the correspondence between Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel and Maurice Fenaille, but also the correspondence between Napoléon and the general Bertrand while the first was incarcerated in Saint Helena. On of this clandestine letter has finally been sold 15.000€ (which is a record regarding the size, unless this record is owned by a message of Saint Bernadette from the Reiset Collection “Venez boire à cette fontaine et vous y laver.”…     35x45mm for 12.000€ !). 

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