House of LOUIS XIV. 13 pieces, mostly signed... - Lot 7 - Daguerre

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House of LOUIS XIV. 13 pieces, mostly signed... - Lot 7 - Daguerre
House of LOUIS XIV. 13 pieces, mostly signed by Henri-Jules de Bourbon, duc d'Enghien,
prince of CONDE, 1642-1706 and n.d.; about 50 pages folio.
Copies from the archives of the Grand Master of France. Patent of conservation of rank in favour of Miss Anne
de Bourbon, daughter of the Prince de Condé, future Duchess of Longueville, 1642. Letter from the King to the Parliament of Rouen
ordering celebrations on the occasion of the birth of a daughter, 1662. Order to the gentlemen of the Chambre aux
Deniers concerning an alms from the King, 1665. Commission for J.-B. Bigot, clerk of the Controller General to the
Dauphin, to hold the pen in the absence of the Controller, 1673. State of the tents and flags of war "that the King
wants him to wear for his service to the army in the next campaign 1674". "Distribution of the justaucorps
of the liveries of His Majesty for the crews which go to meet Madam the Dauphine in 1680". Accounts of the
extraordinary expenses of the treatment made at Saint-Denis on September 1, 1683, day of the Queen's service, 1684.
Baptismal certificates of Philippe duc d'Anjou and Charles duc de Berry, sons of the Dauphin, 1687. Book of accounts
(budget): wages, food and wine distributions, 1690.
State of the King's officers who must serve His Majesty during the 3rd quarter, 1694. State of the silverware,
1706. Etc.
Attached is a L.S. from the King (secretary), countersigned by his Secretary of State for War, Voysin, to the Marquis de Nangis, Versailles 15 January 1715 (service letter partly printed). Plus copy of a l. from Henri IV to the Parlement de Rouen, Fontainebleau 22 November 1602, on the birth of a daughter.
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